Have an Active Lifestyle? You Need a Visa Debit Card

It was last September when you first met. You have gotten to know her, waiting patiently for the right time. Tonight, you are officially stepping out of the friend zone. You haven’t been to this The Merchant House in Greenville, but you’ve heard so much about the amazing food and great service, you had to check it out. Glancing at the menu, you’re glad you have your Visa debit card. The cash in your wallet probably won’t be enough for the night you have planned.

Real Advantages

Whether you are out on a date, spending a week at the beach, or refreshing your wardrobe, having a Visa debit card can provide these distinct advantages:

  • Travel – It is better to use your debit card when you travel to make tracking travel-related expenses easier and not risk carrying around a lot of cash.
  • ATM – Mercer Savings Bank Visa debit card holders can access their funds 24 hours a day from any ATM within the Visa, Accel, Plus, and Cirrus networks.
  • Fast – Why wait for the cashier to calculate your change and count it out? Your chip-enabled card expedites purchases and simplifies your life.
  • Versatile – Even though the funds are subtracted directly from your checking account, you can use your debit card across the globe anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Security – If your wallet or card is ever lost or stolen, your VISA debit card can be easily cancelled with one phone call.
  • Online – While it is nice to check out the latest fashions in the store, you can take advantage of greater selection and 24-hour access when you use your Visa debit card to shop online.
  • Debt-Free – Keep your spending under control by using your debit card instead of a credit card. No need to worry about fees or interest charges when you use your Visa debit card.

Debit or Credit?

With so many advantages, it’s time you put your Visa debit card to use. Chip-enabled technology now adds a layer of security to your transactions. And, at many retailers, you have the option to choose debit or credit. Use your four-digit PIN for debit transactions or sign on the dotted line for credit. In either case, the funds will be deducted directly from your checking account.

Keep in Mind

If you have a joint account, be sure to communicate regularly about your spending because it can take a few days for a debit transaction to be reflected in your available balance.

Don’t forget to subtract upcoming automatic payments that will be funded by your account according to the schedule.

Track your spending in your check register to be fully aware of your actual balance, including transactions that may not yet be posted to your account.

Mercer Savings Bank

Debit cards offer convenience and flexibility without interest charges or fees. To get your free Visa debit card from Mercer Savings Bank, a trusted community bank for more than 125 years, contact us today.


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