Transaction Accounts and CD rates

Mercer Savings Bank offers the lowest fees and most competitive rates available. If you need help to determine which account is right for you, contact a banking officer today.

Account TypeAnnual
NOW Checking0.03%0.03%$400
Passbook or
Statement Savings
Money Market
Deposit Account
0.10%0.10%< $3,000
0.10%0.10%> $3,000
0.20%0.20%> $50,000
0.25%0.25%> $250,000
Christmas Club0.10%0.10%$5
7 Day Notice CD0.10%0.10%$2,500
91 Day CD0.10%0.10%$500
182 Day CD0.10%0.10%$500
1 Year CD0.20%0.20%$100
1 1/2 Year CD0.20%0.20%$100
2 Year CD0.25%0.25%$100
2 1/2 Year CD **0.40%0.40%$100
3 Year CD **0.40%0.40%$100
3 1/2 Year CD **0.40%0.40%$100
4 Year CD **0.45%0.45%$100
5 Year CD **0.75%0.75%$100
18 Month Variable IRA0.90%0.90%$100


*Minimum Balance required to open account.
**The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity and that a withdrawal will reduce earnings.
***These certificates are available as a Variable Rate CD, with rates changing Jan.1, Apr 1, July 1 and Oct. 1.

Penalty for early withdrawal may apply.
Fees could reduce the earnings on an account.
Rates effective as of September 22, 2020