Lost/Stolen Wallet Help

When your wallet is lost or stolen you may feel stressed and confused...

You don't know who's using your credit cards, drivers license, and even the cash. While chances are not always good that you will recover your wallet intact, there are a few things you can do to minimize problems further on:

  • Cancel any credit and debit cards that were in your wallet. The card issuer should be able to open a new account for you and send you a new card. If your Mercer Savings Bank debit/ATM card was stolen, and it is not during our normal business hours, call 1-800-554-8969.
  • If you have membership cards in your wallet (for example, video rental store, local gym, library, etc.) contact the issuer immediately to cancel that account and open a new one for you.
  • File a report with the local police department immediately.
  • Notify the major credit bureaus and request them to put a fraud alert on your file. This requires that you be notified if any inquires are made on your file and prior to any credit being issued.
  • Notify all your financial institutions at which you have an account and place a password or personal identification number (PIN) on your accounts.
  • If your Social Security card was in your wallet, notify the Social Security Administration (1-800-269-0271) that your Social Security Card was stolen and they will flag your file.
  • If you determine that your Social Security Number and/or date of birth have been used fraudulently, report the fraud to the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC-HELP, or file an online report using their Identity Theft Complaint Input Form at www.ftc.gov.
  • If your driver’s license was stolen, when you apply for a new license ask your motor vehicle department if you can have a "generic" customer number instead of your Social Security Number. This is now offered by many states.
  • Maintain a file of all the actions you take and people you talk to, including dates, times and telephone numbers, while you are resolving this matter.