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Mercer Savings Bank’s Giving Mission

That sentiment is the driving force behind the Giving Mission, a charitable donation program launched in June of 2018 by Mercer Savings Bank.

How the Giving Mission Works

Through the Giving Mission, Mercer Savings Bank employees have the chance to donate $200 to their favorite charity or non-profit. Each month, three employees are chosen at random to select a charitable cause that resonates with them.

A Local Bank with a Community Focus

The cause is entirely up to the employee. However, there are some priorities that serve as guidelines—priorities that in many ways serve as guidelines for the bank as a whole.

Those guidelines include education, health, housing, and civic causes. More than anything, though, the program has a local focus.

“We’re a mutual, local bank. Because of that, our focus is always on the local community,” Bill Martin explained.

Of course, if an employee has a cause near and dear to their heart that’s located outside of Mercer and Darke counties, they’re more than welcome to direct their funds to it.

Meet the Giving Mission Recipients

Mercer Savings Bank has always made it a priority to support causes in Celina, Fort Recovery, Greenville, and the surrounding area, whether that be Mercer Health, Wright State University-Lake Campus, Friends of Harmon Field, or any number of other worthy recipients.

Now, however, employees get to have more of a say in where donations go. Meet the charities and non-profit groups chosen by Mercer Savings Bank employees, and learn about the vital role they each play in their community.

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